International Conference

This conference is organized by the ISEOR International Research Center
(in partnership with Magellan, iaelyon School of Management, University of Jean Moulin),
the Management Consulting (to be confirmed) and organizational Development and Change (to be confirmed), Divisions of the Academy of Management (USA), ISODC (The International Society for Organizational Development and Change), Le CNAM (France) , EADA Business School (Spain) and Benedictine University (USA)

12 and 13 June 2024

Languages of submissions: English, Spanish, French (Simultaneous translation)

Best papers in French, English or Spanish can be submitted to the journal "Recherches en Sciences de Gestion-Management Sciences-Ciencias de gestión."




> Path : Part Dieu Station to University

> Path : Lyon city center (Place Bellecour) to University



Conference Location

Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
Campus Manufacture des Tabacs
6 rue Professeur Rollet 69008 Lyon


Flashdrive (USB) of Conference IIC-AAA & ISEOR June 2017

Flashdrive (USB) of Conference AOM-ODC & ISEOR June 2018

Flashdrive (USB) of Conference AOM-MCD & ISEOR June 2019

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Conference Summary AOM-MCD / ISODC / Le CNAM / ISEOR - June 2021

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