The theme this year    « Tetranormalization: Profusion of standards and business development»


The place of conference : iaelyon - University Lyon 3 - Manufacture des Tabacs - 16 rue Rollet 69008 Lyon

> Trip : Part Dieu Station to University

> Trip : Lyon city center (Place Bellecour) to University

formations This conference is a place for exchanges between the actors of companies; Head company managers, directors, consultants, experts who give their testimony on management and governance approaches.

More than 300 participants are expected over the 2 days, and about Fifteen national and international companies and organizations from different sectors will present their companies and their results will showcase their achievements (and difficulties) in the implementation of the socio-economic management of norms and standards


During those two days of Conference, the challenges of steering standards in a broad sense (laws, directives, and private standards) in companies and organizations will be debated.

Many books have addressed the issue of standards. Among the existing theories, that of Tetranormalization raises the question of the constructive integration of norms within companies and organizations, in order to safeguard their capacity to survive and develop.

The objective of this conference is to give a voice to CEOs, managers and employees and will generate innovative ideas to highlight standards management and develop sustainable corporate social responsiblity.

Formations en management

This theme will be associated with testimonies from managers of small and very small businesses, large private or public companies, associations and family, national and international entreprises.

We will see precisely how to approach the management of standards for a sustainable social responsibility.

How to capitalize and spread good practices and the impacts of socio-economic management.

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> Price: 95 € (Tax included) for one day or 180 € for 2 days

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