2018, 7th and 8th JUNE

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Profesional training Seminar
Socio-Economic Approach to Management Techniques and tools required to successfully implement change management projects

Formations en management

More than 2000 people formed in these socioeconomic internships(training courses) in France, in the United States, in Mexico, in Spain and in the Lebanon...

> NEW : Henri Savall is a first french professor in Management Science, the most influential in management in the world.> see the Study

Formations en management

Formations en management This training program is valuable for directors and managers of small to medium-size businesses and large-scale companies, auditors-accountants, quality managers, internal and external consultants, and OD practitioners.


It offers the acquisition of methods and tools for flexible and customized socioeconomic management to initiate and conduct change and innovation in organizations, in order to overcome the evoling environment challenges.
ISEOR-SEAM method was developed through extensive R&D programs on management.
SEAM method has been experimented in more than 1,800 companies and organizations ranging from SMEs to MNCs in a variety of industries and geographical locations (40 countries on 4 continents).
Hidden costs stemming from dysfunctions range from €20,000 to € 70,000 per year per capita.
Formations en management


2 four-day training sessions. It is possible to start the seminar either in January or June, and attend the following session as a loop schedule. Forthcoming sessions:

- 10 - 11 - 12 and 15 june, 2019. In addition, participants are invited at the Iseor and Academy of Management Conference on 13 & 14 june, 2019.

- 14 - 15 - 18 and 19 october 2019. With the Autumn ISEOR’s Fall Conference on 16 and 17  october 2019

This seminar is aimed at training participants in techniques and tools which are necessary to successfully carry out management consulting interventions and innovative management practices.
Participants will acquire skills to undertake socio-economic interventions in companies or organizations, calculate the economic balance of the change process and implement socio-economic process and tools.

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Formations en management


> 2 four-day training sessions : "SEAM Enhancement". Forthcoming sessions:

- 11 and 12 June 2019. In addition, participants are invited at the Iseor Fall
Conference on October 16 & 17, 2019.

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